Twitter Mobile Users On The Rise

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Earlier this week, it was revealed that Twitter passed the 100 million active users plateau. While the overall amount was impressive, a nugget of information contained within demonstrates just how dominate the mobile device industry has become.

According to the new data from Twitter, of its many active users, 55% of them use a mobile device to tweet:

Speaking Thursday during a media event at Twitter's San Francisco offices, [CEO Dick] Costolo said 50 million users log in every day--in addition, 55 percent of all active users are active on mobile, a 40 percent quarter-over-quarter increase.

Compared to the 2010 numbers, when Costolo boasted a 40 percent mobile usage rate, that's a 15 percent increase, an impressive number that indicates just how many people are making Twitter apart of their lives, regardless of where they are.

Granted, other 2010 numbers showed a 62 percent increase of Twitter mobile use, but these new numbers are focusing on how many active Twitter members use mobile devices. In regards to the 2010 reports, data indicated 16 percent of all new Twitter members using mobile devices to engage.

Taking all these numbers as a whole, it's apparent Twitter mobile use is growing at an exponential rate. It helps that the two mediums go so well together, especially when you consider the text message basis of mobile device communication. Twitter, essentially, is just another form of text messaging when mobile device use is considered. One of the knocks on Twitter was the growing amount of abandoned accounts, that is, most of the Twitter use came from a minority of registered users.

It's clear Twitter is working hard to dispel that notion, and with these mobile device usage numbers, the job is being done for them.