Twitter Lets You View Others' Timelines

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Twitter has launched a new feature that lets you see the Twitter experience as your Twitter buddies see it. You can now look at other people's Twitter timelines (streams, feeds, if you will).

This is a fun new feature that will work really well for people looking to discover new accounts to follow. Now, not only can I see a list of who the person I'm following is following, but I can see their tweets roll-in in real-time.

We're rolling out a new option for the "following" page: view Tweets from the accounts a user follows, as well as a list of those accounts. 1 hour ago via web · powered by @socialditto

On the list of options above the most recent tweet on any users' full profile page, simply click "following" and then "view as a timeline."

Once there, you will see the users' Tweet stream as they see it, minus the protected tweets of those who have their profiles set to private of course. Twitter also removes the tweets from the user you are peeking in on, because they obviously do not follow themselves.

Also note the crossing arrows on the very top right corner. If you click on those, you will jump to someone else's stream among those users you follow.

These new rollouts look to be all about discovery, as Twitter is making it easier for people to find new people to follow. Are you excited about being able to see other people's timelines as they see them?

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