Twitter For BlackBerry Updated To Version 3.2


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RIM is betting their future on the success of BlackBerry 10 early next year. Such a focus on the future might leave a company's current customers on the back burner. RIM doesn't see it that way, however, as they continue to release updates for their current line of BlackBerry smartphones. The latest update is especially nice for the social media obsessed individual.

RIM announced today that Twitter has been updated to version 3.2 on BlackBerry handsets. It brings with it a number of enhancements to the the core platform that are sure to be appreciated by BlackBerry owners who have been jealous of their iOS and Android using friends.

The first major update is the addition of the expanded Tweet details in BlackBerry in the BlackBerry app. The feature has been available in Twitter for iOS and Android since their latest updates. It may be a little late, but expanded tweets on BlackBerry look just as good as they do on the other platforms.

Twitter has also implemented a Friend Friends feature into the BlackBerry app. This allows users to easily find friends who are using Twitter via their BlackBerry address book. It's a good move since most BlackBerry users rely on BBM for conversations with friends. It might be a little obsolete once BB10 launches, however, as BBM integrates Facebook and Twitter conversations alongside everything else.

As for the last update, I'm a little surprised that it hasn't been added yet. Users now have access to the Quick Follow button that allows them to follow somebody with just a tap. It's a feature that's been extremely helpful on the other mobile versions of the app, and BlackBerry users will no doubt benefit from it as well.