Twitter Down At Various Times Throughout The Day, Google+ Has Fun

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As previously reported, Twitter has been experiencing some downtime today. It seems to be coming and going. Meanwhile, users have been flockig to other social networks to talk about how Twitter is down. That includes Google+, where there is no shortage of chatter about it.

Buzzfeed went so far as to say Google+ users are being "total dicks". I'm not sure I'm seeing that kind of hostility, but some are certainly making light of it.

Here are some of the Google+ updates we've seen:

Fernando Montenegro

What is going on #Twitter ? Too many 140 characters LOL

Fernando Montenegro originally shared:
* #Twitter  is down, that means every body is here?*

Manny Otero

Come on Plusers, you are better that this...

#googleplus   #twitter

Google+ Users Being Total Dicks About The Twitter Outage
A lot of Twitter users flocked to Google+ to get through today's outage. Unfortunately, they weren't always welcome.

Jeremy Kidd

#Twitter is a fickle friend. #Google+ will never treat me this way!

Jesse Stay

First step is admitting you have a problem.


Sheila B. DuBois

Via +Jesse Stay  I learned #twitter   is down!......... So come here get a much richer experience. No limited texts     

Jim Gray

BREAKING #NEWS  : #TWITTER   #failwhale  Secret revealed...not really...

Lee Brewer

Ok, #Twitter  is down.  Deal with it.

It's interesting that Google itself chose to display this random "From the web" result in a search for "#twitter" (especially considering I don't get that result when searching the web on

Twitter - Another Stupid Site

Perhaps it's the popularity of the video at 163 views (at the time of this writing).

Here's the actual video. It's gold.

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