Twitter CEO Commits Minor NCAA Recruiting Violation on His Own Service

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When the top wide receiver prospect in the country decided to commit to the University of Michigan on Saturday, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo was excited. He was excited because he's a University of Michigan man through and through. Not only did he graduate with his BS from the school, but he gave this year's Spring commencement address to the graduating class.

He's also a booster. That means that the congratulatory tweet that he sent 5-star prospect George Campbell is technically a recruiting violation.

Campbell responded:

The NCAA's rules on boosters prevent them from contacting prospects:

Only institutional staff members are permitted to recruit prospective student-athletes. Generally, NCAA rules prohibit anyone else from contacting (calling, writing or in-person contact) prospects or the prospect’s relatives or guardian for recruiting purposes.

Students are still considered prospects even if they have signed a National Letter of Intent or any other financial aid agreement with a university.

“We are aware of a potential minor violation involving social media,” said Michigan spokesman Dave Ablauf in a statement. “We will handle it as appropriate.”

It's a minor violation and shouldn't result in any sort of repercussions. But it is funny.

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