Tweets from "Breaking Bad" Series Finale

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Well, as sad as it is, "Breaking Bad" is no longer, just like most of the show's characters. Here's how to cope. You're welcome.

Last night's finale of the show was watched by millions of fans around the globe, so we must ask ourselves, what did everyone think? Was it just as awesome to everyone else?

Twitter is the place to go for instant and honest reaction from real people and it doesn't disappoint for this series finale, either. Here are a few gems from those who watched to finale with baited breath.

Some of these folks may need some therapy to deal with the grief and loss that inevitably will come.

Here's some bad news for those that haven't stayed caught up with the show. YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE TO BE INTERNET CELIBATE UNTIL YOU CATCH UP! People will not just not talk about the biggest finale in the world because you can't find it in yourself to go on marathon watching binges in order to stay afloat. Get over it. Like this guy: on social media talking about refraining from social media.

Or you could get yourself one of these:

Unless you're friends with this guy, then you're just doomed.

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