Tweetbot For Mac Is Real And Coming... Eventually


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The iOS Twitter client market is one of those markets where it's really hard to stand out from the crowd. If you've ever tried to find one, you know that there are... a lot of them. Like weather apps and flashlight apps and fart apps, Twitter clients are a dime a dozen. That being so, when an app reaches a point where it's widely recognized as the best Twitter app in the App Store, that's no small feat. Yet, that's what Tweetbot has managed to do. Despite a $2.99 price tag - which is on the high side, considering most Twitter clients are free or $0.99 - Tweetbot has managed to become almost universally recognized as the best Twitter client there is.

Tweetbot's immense popularity has prompted users to request desktop versions of their beloved app. Now it looks like those users will be getting their wish. Well, they'll get their wish as long as they're Mac users. Tapbots, the maker of Tweetbot, quietly confirmed yesterday that Tweetbot for Mac was real and being tested internally. It all started when Tapbots programmer Paul Haddad (half of the two-man team that makes up Tapbots) tweeted the following:

Now, if you notice at the bottom of the tweet, it lists "Tweetbot for Mac" as the client used to post the tweet. That, of course, caused a bit of a stir as people realized the implications. Then Mark Jadine (Tapbots's designer, the other half of the two-man team) added his own confirmation by tweeting the following earlier this afternoon:

Of course, if you look closely at the picture, you can see that the gorgeous MacBook Pro retina display he's showing off has something special on it: Tweetbot for Mac.

For now, Paul and Mark seem content to be merciless teases, and haven't yet made any announcements about when Tweetbot for Mac might be available to those of us who aren't fortunate enough to be employed by Tapbots.