Troy Polamalu Cuts Locks In Support Of Veterans

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The last time Troy Polamalu’s hair touched a Barber’s tool was more than 11 years ago, but Troy was ready to let go of his treasured hair (at least a little bit) to support the veterans.  USA today reported that the footballer will have his wife Theodora trim off one lock of his hair which will be auctioned to support the 7 week cause aimed at raising awareness for veterans’ issues.

"I understand the issues that veterans and their families face while serving our country, and I am honored to join the Veterans of Foreign Wars Mane Event, encouraging the nation to unite for veterans for a second year,” said Polamalu. “By getting my hair cut on Veterans Day, I am showing my commitment to the men and women who served our country - the real heroes."

Polamalu and his wife Theodora founded the Harry Panos Fund for veterans to support charities that support the military. “I started working with the VFW a couple years ago and have always had a lot of compassion for what veterans go through because of my wife’s grandfather, who I was close with.” Polamalu said.  Polamalu has been a longtime supporter of the veterans but he became a VFW ambassador last year.

2013 VFW Year in Review

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