Tropical Storm Wutip Hits Vietnam, 75 People Missing

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Tropical Storm Wutip slammed Vietnam on Monday and has so far been responsible for at least two fishing boats sinking near the Paracel Islands in the South China Sea; a third is unaccounted for and so far 75 people--crew members of the boats--have been named missing. About 14 survivors have been rescued.

The storm had been classified as a typhoon before it made landfall in Vietnam, but winds weakened to less than 75 mph, classifying it as a tropical storm. Officials say at least 1,000 homes have been damaged in the area and residents are bracing for heavy flooding this week as torrential rains pour down there and in Thailand.

We're expecting more floods," Teerat Ratanasevi, a Thai government spokesperson, said. "Soldiers have been asked to help evacuate people trapped in flood zones."


Amanda Crum
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