Tropical Storm Dorian Moves Toward Puerto Rico, Florida


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The U.S. National Weather Service (NWS) this week has named a tropical depression that formed over the eastern Atlantic Ocean on Wednesday morning.

Tropical storm Dorian is now moving west-northwest in the direction of Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, Cuba and Florida. An updated advisory on the storm this morning reported that Dorian hasn't strengthened in the past few hours. The storm currently has sustained winds of 60 miles per hour (95 kilometers per hour).

The NWS forecasts that Dorian will continue traveling on its current course before gradually turning westward sometime on Friday. No costal watches or warnings have yet been issued for the U.S.

Lightening up the mood about potentially hazardous weather, the tropical storm's name has caused a bit of a stir on Twitter. Fans of the sitcom Scrubs have recognized and embraced the name Dorian, which is the last name of the main character in the series. Zach Braff, the actor who portrayed Dr. John "J.D." Dorian, has acknowledged the tropical storm. Braff tweeted a comment on the name yesterday afternoon, soon after the storm formed:

Braff is currently working on a movie titled Wish I Was Here. The movie was successfully Kickstarted this spring, raising over 3.1 million and far surpassing its $2 million goal. Wish I Was Here will star Braff, Kate Hudson, and Mandy Patinkin in the story of a struggling actor who is forced to home school his children.