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Last weekend, Foursquare held their annual global hackathon, where they challenged developers all over the world to create new apps using the Foursquare API.

The hackathon lasted for 48 hours straight, over 6 continents. Over 500 developers hacked with Foursquare's API at 30 different global locations. Foursquare set up four official hackathon locations in New York City, San Francisco, Tokyo and Paris. And out of all of that, 90 different "hacks" were submitted to be voted on by both Foursquare and Foursquare users.

Today, Foursquare is announcing the winner - and it's Plan Your Next Trip.

Plan Your Next Trip simply does what it says it does - plans your next trip. It uses the Foursquare Explore API to plan out a 2-day trip to whatever location you are planning on going. It was developed by Benjamin Netter in Paris.

The Explore API allows Plan Your Next Trip to make a suggested itinerary based on recommendations from your friends (tips) as well as their past check-ins. Plan Your Next Trip also looks at what is popular all across Foursquare as well and suggests places to eat, drink, shop, and just tour.

I'm heading to Chicago for a few days next week, so I decided to give the app a spin. The app suggested that I eat breakfast at a popular cafe, visit the Art Institute of Chicago, "get some fresh air" at Millennium Park as well as try Heaven on Seven for a good creole dinner.

I especially liked the suggestion for 10 pm - "Get Drunk at ROOF on TheWit." All in all, the app planned my day from 9 am to 10 pm and beyond with around 9 different locations to visit.

For the complete list of grand prize finalists and the people's choice winners, check out the official Foursquare blog post.

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