Tough Mudder: How Tough Are You?


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Unique events have become popular over the last few years. It seems like there is a new style of 5K run or obstacle course popping up every weekend. Maybe it’s because more people want to get into shape, maybe it’s because people are growing tired of traditional marathons or maybe it’s because people just like to run and get muddy with other people. The idea is a pretty simple one, but the Tough Mudder is anything but easy. This weekend, one of the largest Tough Mudder events will take place in Oshkosh Wisconsin, with more than 20,000 people expected to attend.

Tough Mudder is not your traditional race. Not only does it require great physical fitness, but also endurance and strength. Participants will have to make their way through obstacles such as climbing walls and barbedwire all while pushing through some of the thickest mud found on earth. Some participants train for months and others just hop right in to try their luck. Spectators can have just as much fun as they watch the participants struggle to make it through the race.

While OshKosh is one of the biggest Tough Mudder events in the country, there is a full schedule of events in other states and even other countries available on the Tough Mudder website. You can also find training tips, merchandise and even sign up for the event newsletter.
The Tough Mudder is all about testing yourself and while have fun at the same time, but it is also about raising money for a good cause. To date, the event has raised over $5 million dollars for the Wounded Warrior Project. This money helps injured veterans get the medical care and counseling they need and allows them to join beneficial programs.

So, do you think you have what it takes to finish one of the toughest obstacle courses around? If so, you may want to sign up for an event near you. Hurry, because spots are limited and the events tend to fill up fast.

Images from Wikimedia Commons