Tony Romo Set To Lead Cowboys Team: Will His Back Be An Issue?


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Tony Romo is a new kind of conundrum this season.

In the past, Romo has been seen with all the potential in the world and the ability to "choke" on it all at the worst possible time.

But this season Romo seems to be having the best season of his entire career.

The kicker? His back injuries have been particularly terrible.

In fact, it was the lack of Romo that some feel kept the Dallas Cowboys from having an even better record than their current 8-3.

It's been good enough thus far to keep the Cowboys in contention for not only a playoff spot, but the top of the NFC East.

However, Tony Romo may find himself in a really tough position on Thursday as he leads the Dallas Cowboys against bitter rivals the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Eagles are the current leaders of the NFC East, but a loss to the Cowboys today can and will change that.

Tony Romo has insisted that his back shouldn't be a problem. He doesn't expect to really feel it until after the game.

" I'll be good to go Thursday," said Romo. "I think more than anything you always look at the two games back-to-back, you've got to be able to adjust after that. We'll deal with next week, next week."

Although Tony Romo is confident of his health heading into the game, some fans are worried as to how he'll hold up against a vicious Philadelphia defense (and how the Cowboys will hold up if for any reason he gets taken out of the game).

The Cowboys vs. Eagles is already looking to be the game of the season, even if the prime-time slot was granted to the San Francisco 49ers and their rivals, the Seattle Seahawks.

Romo has led the Cowboys to far better results this year than he has previously, but the team is entering a particularly tough stretch.

It could be that Tony Romo is prioritizing his team's need for his leadership over any personal injury problems.

While that's admirable, it's certainly understandable why Cowboys fans may be worried.