Tommy Chong Gets Ready To Show Off His Moves For 'Dancing With The Stars'

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Half of the comedy duo Cheech & Chong is firing up the new season of the hit reality TV series Dancing With The Stars. Tommy Chong is set to join the cast of Season 19 of the show and display his dancing prowess in the hopes of coming out the winner of this long-running celebrity competition.

At the age of 76, Chong is the oldest competitor thus far to be on the show, but the Cheech & Chong member apparently isn’t fazed by his age and believes that his multi-racial background will win him votes. Chong reportedly said that the fact that he was half-Chinese would make him viable for the Chinese vote, as well as that of other ethnicities such as Korean and Filipino.

“And then because of my association with Cheech, he's Mexican, so I want to get all the Mexican viewers. And I'm half Scottish and half Irish, so all the Irish and all the Scottish. And I was born in Canada, so all the Canadians. And I'm an American citizen, so all the American citizens around the world. And we're really big in Australia, so all the Australians. I mean, we can't lose. Plus, I'm the king of the stoners — so all the stoners. And they're the kind that'll vote four or five times 'cause they'll forget and vote again!” added Chong.

Chong didn’t say if he was going to smoke weed as a secret weapon in Dancing With The Stars, but he has been vocal about using salsa dance to recover from drugs. He has reportedly claimed that the Latin dance style’s fast-paced tempo puts him in a good mood. Competitors Janel Parrish and her partner Val Chmerkovksiy recently told Us Weekly that Chong “has some moves” as well as “the illest hip action I've ever seen, for sure.”

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