Tomb Raider Reboot Gets A E3 Trailer, Release Date


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What's old quickly becomes new again, especially in a video game industry that absolutely loves capitalizing on well known brands, regardless if the demand is there or not. The thinking is in line with "they don't know they want it until we let them know it exists." From there, the buzz and hype machines will take care of the rest, at least in an ideal situation.

Such is the case with Lara Croft, one of the most famous non-Italian plumber video game characters, perhaps ever. Buzz had been building around the character because of an announced reboot, one that allows us to play the Croft character when she's just starting out on her career of Indiana Jones emulation. The buzz took something of a hit with the announcement that the reboot had been pushed back to 2013, but now, thanks to the E3 trailer reveal, the hype for a new Lara Croft title is building once again.

You can see why here:

If I didn't know any better, that looks more like a movie trailer than it does an advertisement for a video game, but then again, the cinematic approach was clearly Crystal Dynamics' approach with the latest Tomb Raider iteration. There's almost an adventure-horror feel to the footage that's been shown, and based on the fact you have the enter your birthday to watch the trailer, the inclusion of more mature content is clearly the way the franchise is going.

Does this mean more violent kills combined with more mature subject matter is coming to Lara Croft fans? It certainly appears that way, and the E3 trailer did nothing to dispel that particular notion. Oh, and for those of you wondering about the release date, according to the trailer, consumers will be able to buy the next Tomb Raider on March 5, 2013.