Tom Hiddleston (Loki) Originally Wanted to Play Thor

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Tom Hiddleston revealed to Chelsea Handler on Chelsea Lately last night that he originally wanted to be Thor, not Loki, according to Entertainment Weekly. Wow. Talk about disappointment! However, things seem to have worked out in the favor of the handsome british actor. After all, having a really "good" bad guy is just was just as important to the film's success.

Hiddleston even beefed up for the role, he said, going from 180 to 198 pounds. He still looks amazing to those of us who prefer a bad boy. Handler confirmed that after he talked about beefing up, saying, "You're good. Everything's good."

But that's ok. Eventhough he didn't get the role he wanted, he played an amazing villain. And his feelings don't seem terribly hurt. “They were always looking for Loki as well, and I think — the closer I got, they were like, ‘Actually, you should play the bad guy,’” he said.

When handler asked if Loki would be in the next Avengers movie, he said no, to the detriment of an obviously enamored audience. That's unfortunate in my opinion. Loki had such a major hold on the Avengers the first time around!

He said the Avengers would have a new nemesis, played by James Spader. I'm sure Spader will be great, but Loki is just so easy to hate/love. Everyone loves Loki, in fact in IANS just a couple of days ago, he said, "Loki and Thor are like yin and yang, the sun and the moon...The immense popularity of the character has been an amazing surprise. I never expected it in my wildest dreams."

He did, in fact, enjoy playing the bad guy, perhaps because it's just not in his nature? Sometimes it's fun to get out of your comfort zone. He said, "It's fascinating to play the god of mischief. And he's such a broken character - bitter, jealous, grief stricken, angry, lonely and proud."

Well, we can still look forward to seeing more of Hiddleston's Loki in "Thor: The Dark World", which comes out this very weekend! Yay!

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