Toledo Sinkhole Opens In Road, Swallows Car And Driver

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In the latest sinkhole story, a giant maw opened up in the middle of the road in Toledo, Ohio on Wednesday and swallowed a car and the woman who was driving it.

Rescue crews had to lower a ladder down into the pit--which was some 20 feet deep, to save the woman, who was miraculously unharmed. Officials say a water main break caused the concrete to split apart and crumble into itself, and it may go deeper than 20 feet. The car, meanwhile, is still inside until crews can figure out how to remove it.

Over the past few months, several sinkholes have opened up--mostly on the East coast--and have done considerable damage. Orange County, Florida has had several incidents lately, including one that took out a swimming pool and one that sucked a bedroom from a home, killing the man inside. His brother said he heard cries for help and tried to save him, but was too late.

“It swallowed his whole bedroom, his dresser — everything in his room is gone,” Jeremy Bush said. “All I could see was the top of his bed. So I jumped in the hole and tried digging him out. I thought I could hear him screaming for me and hollering for me.”

The Texas Rangers also had to deal with a sinkhole recently after one opened up in the middle of their field; a broken water main was also to blame for that one.

Amanda Crum

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