Tokyo 5.5 Earthquake Shakes Up Saturday Morning


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Yahoo News tells us that eastern Japan has felt a strong rumble registering at a 5.5 magnitude early this morning, but thankfully no tsunami threats, serious damage or nuclear damage have been reported. This has been the ninth earthquake this month.

Although always frightening, the citizens of Japan are likely breathing a sigh of relief-- this earthquake did not cause the following nightmares of past tremors, namely the 9 magnitude earthquake that left 20,000 people dead or missing due to the following tsunami of colossal proportions and destroyed nuclear plant.

In the matter of nuclear damage, Japan can't take much more right now. The country is still working to clean up the destroyed nuclear plant by the name of Fukushima. According to an earlier report from the BBC, the high amounts of radioactive water stored on the site are reaching storage capacity, and there are numerous leaks throughout the entire plant. These leaks are extremely detrimental; radioactive water seeping into the groundwater, rivers and oceans not only severely impacts our seafood dishes-- but the balance of the Earth's ecosystem. There is some distrust on plant radiation figure reports by some officials, so let us hope that there was actually no plant damage done by the quake today.

More information on this earthquake is sure to follow as the hours progress. As of right now, eastern Tokyo is a little shaken up, but they have seen much worse in very recent history.

[image: twitter]