Titanic Hoax: DNA Disproves Allison and Kramer Link


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The Titanic stories have always captured the hearts and minds of the public, especially with all of the various movies and songs that have inundated pop culture in the past 100 years. Even though the movies and songs have touched our hearts, it is the real survival stories that happened during the night the Titanic sank that we have become really involved in. With the aid of modern technology, a lot of the survival stories can be retold, as well as many questions that arose from that night can be answered. This is the case for one story (Helen Loraine Allison) that has been in the media for quite a while.

According to The Inquisitr, Allison was two years old when the Titanic sank on April 15th, 1912, and was presumed dead; however, Trevor Allison (Helen's brother) was rescued. In 1940, a woman named Helen “Loraine” Kramer appeared on a television show claiming she was actually Helen Loraine Allison. Later in time, a group named "The Loraine Allison Identification Project" sought to find out if Helen "Loraine" Kramer was the real Helen Loraine Allison.

A News.com.au story reports that even though the Allison family was hesitant to believe that Helen Loraine did actually survive, a meeting was arranged to meet the potential Titanic survivor; however, Kramer did not follow through with meeting the Allison family.

Since Kramer's death in 1992, her granddaughter Debrina Woods continues the investigation in her stead, stating that she has proof that her grandmother’s claims are true. Woods also claims to have suitcases containing documents, photographs, and letters that prove Kramer was Helen Loraine Allison.

To find out if the link between the Kramer family and the original Allison family was true, "The Loraine Allison Identification Project" arranged DNA testing between the two families (Kramer and Allison). According to The Examiner, there have been no genetic connections made between the two families in question whatsoever. When Woods received the results of the DNA test, the following statement was released:

"We regret that many will be confused by the information that is making the rounds now in the press and other media ... and that we feel has been irresponsibly released for sensation value. Be that as it may, we WILL be forth-coming with our own HEADLINES once everything has been recorded for print and distribution."

According to a report from NewsMax, the samples used in the DNA results were from Kramer's granddaughters and Bess Allison (mother to Helen Loraine Allison)'s grandniece. Even though the DNA results have been released, many news sources are stating that this issue between the two families will continue onward.

Image via Wikimedia Commons