Tina Fey's Hilarious "Girls" Spoof Is Spot-On

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Tina Fey was back on SNL over the weekend, and one of the sketches--a spoof of HBO's Lena Dunham-led hit "Girls"--was so spot on in its portrayal of the main characters that Fey's addition, Blerta, was just icing on an already hilarious cake.

The show, which focuses on Lena Dunham's somewhat self-obsessed character Hannah, tells the story of twenty-somethings living in the city while trying to figure out what and who they want to be. Not exactly a new story, but the characters and the funny/odd situations they get themselves into has garnered a lot of attention from viewers who enjoy the snappy writing and quirky tales. For people of a certain age, however, the show is an enigma; while those of us over 30 may enjoy the stories, many of us can't relate at all to Hannah or her friends and the first-world problems they face. That's where Tina Fey steps in, as an Albanian transplant named Blerta. Check out her hilarious, confused character below.

Image: NBC

Amanda Crum
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