Time Warner Cable Offers Antennas to CBS Blackout Customers


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Earlier this month, with thanks to a feud between Time Warner Cable and CBS, many Time Warner Cable customers are being censored from the popular network within their cable subscription package. With this in mind, in aid to keep customers satisfied, the cable provider is offering FREE antennas to its subscribers.

With CBS being such a well-known network since its first airing in the 1920s, the network broadcasts various current popular entertainment programs, such as: The Big Bang Theory, Jeopardy, NCIS, Big Brother, and the new series of Under The Dome.

Time Warner Cable released a statement on their website stating the following:

All blacked-out broadcast stations remain available over the air, and most households can receive the signals if they have the right equipment."

Even though Time Warner Cable is available in various places around the continental U.S., the cable provider is only supplying free antennas in Dallas, Green Bay, Los Angeles, Milwaukee and New York City. Customers who want these free antennas will need to act quickly due to the company having only a limited supply. If consumers in these cities are not near a Time Warner Cable store, Time Warner Cable is offering $20 of credit for consumers to use in Best Buy stores to purchase an antenna for their television.

Even though the blackout has censored CBS for various consumers, CBS still remains strong in the stock market (source: Forbes). This shows that with this dispute happening, many viewers still stand strong and true to their CBS station.

Various users of the Twitterverse have reacted to this feud, and I have provided some of their reactions below: