Time Magazine's Controversial Covers


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It seems that we have an issue about an issue (or two). Time Magazine is attracting some angry readers (and a few lazy skimmers) about their issue entitled The Gods of Food, and another issue entitled The Elephant in the Room. Hilariously, the two issues seem to be related, but to our lack of amusement, they are not.

Ok, so where do we even begin? Perhaps we should begin by saying that this is not the first time Time has—seriously, no pun intended—been berated for its choices for cover photos. Thus, the question should always be, what has Time magazine done NOW?

Time recently released its international edition with a cover story and photo about The Gods of Food. It sounds yummy, but some readers are steamed up that the goddesses of food are very few on the list. There are thirteen food enthusiasts listed, and of the thirteen, 4 females were included: Amrita Patel, Aida Batlle, Vandana Shiva, and Etharin Cousin.

Regardless of the fantastic four that were listed, people were still burned about the lack of female foodies. They wanted answers! Fortunately, the editor of TIME Magazine, Howard Chua-Eoan had some answers to give:

“We did not want to fill a quota of a woman chef. We wanted to go with reputation and influence. There was no attempt to exclude women. We just went with the basic realities of what was going on and who was being talked about.”

And that’s that. Chua-Eoan has attempted to put the lid on that situation, but there is yet another matter. If you examine the top of the cover of the Gods of Food issue, you will see a question about whether the New Jersey Governor Chris Christie can win over his party? Not so bad. Valid question. But there’s more….

Another recently released issue of TIME magazine has Chris Christie on the front cover in an Alfred Hitchcock-like silhouette and profile along with the title The Elephant in the Room. The republican reference to the elephant can certainly be gathered from this… but is that also a fat joke!?

The magazine has yet to give responses for the Christie cover, but rest assured, people are waiting.

Images via Twitter, Time and time.com

Other sources via pix11 and eater.com