Tia And Tamera Cancel Reality Show


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Fans of Tia and Tamera may be sad to learn that the twins will be quitting their reality show. The sisters began their reality series in 2011 and the show was centered around their abilities to multitask and juggle their children, husbands and careers. Now, the twins say it is time to step away from the spotlight and try to live normal lives.

Tia and Tamera found fame as children when they starred in the show Sister, Sister, which aired from 1994 to 1999. After the show ended, both sisters took a break from acting but would take film and TV roles every now and then.

Tamera announced the news that the show would be canceled on Twitter and thanked fans for their support and understanding. Sad to see your favorite twins go? Don't worry they won't be gone for long.

You can watch Tamera as a panelist on the talk show The Real. You can also watch Tia star in the television comedy Instant Mom, where she take on motherhood after she marries a man with children.

Tia and Tamera may be wise to quit their reality show before it starts to cause problems for them. Several celebrity families have also had their own reality shows and many of them have blamed their shows for family problems.

Living your life in front of a camera constantly can't be easy and some families cannot take the added stress. Tia and Tamera have enough on their plates as is and it's easy to see why they would need a break from reality TV to focus on their growing families.

What do you think of their decision to cancel their show?

Image via Twitter.