This Video of the Illinois EF-4 Tornado Is as Gut-Wrenching as It Gets

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Over the weekend, tornados rocked the midwest - and one of the hardest-hit towns was Washington, Illinois.

According to FEMA, more than 1,000 homes sustained damage, and at least 6 people were killed in Illinois. In Washington specifically, at least 120 people were injured.

And Washington resident Marc Wells has provided one of the most harrowing eyewitness accounts of the EF-4 tornado that hit his neighborhood. Seriously, this is absolutely gut-wrenching.

Sure, the impending tornado and the rush to seek shelter is terrifying - but what gets me is the sheer destruction and the shock of having your home, as well as everything around you, absolutely leveled.

"Here is what my oldest daughter Josie Taylor Wells And I experienced, I am so glad Kerry Gorman Wells and the other girls were out of town when this storm came through. Very thankful we were not injured," says Wells in his YouTube upload.

Scary stuff.

Image via YouTube

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