This Guy Wants 100,000 URL Tattoos, Will Ink Your Site For A Small Fee

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A 30-year-old Quebec native is already in the record books, but his goals are even more ambitious. Pat Vaillancourt wants to cover his body with URLs - 100,000 to be exact. He's donating his entire body to be the canvas of the internet, and you can be a part of it all for a small fee.

For just $35, you can have your site permanently inked into Mr. Vaillancourt's skin, as well as linked to from his fast-growing list of sponsors on his personal site, Major sponsors (the ones that get the large tattoos in the prime real estate seen above) have to shell out $500.

According to his site, more than half the money he raises for the project will go towards charitable organizations to help in places like Haiti and Somalia.

Those who know me will agree that I’m a spontaneous guy, a man of real conviction and passion who’s not afraid of getting involved in unconventional projects. I want to break a world record and become the man with “the most Websites tattooed on his body.” But more importantly, I want to help others. That’s why I’m going to donate more than half the money raised through the project for Haïti.

Vaillancourt already has over 15,000 URLs tattooed all over his body, and he claims that over 16,000 more have already reserved a spot. Apparently, the first 50,000 URLs will be inked traditionally, as black text. The second half will be tattooed in fluorescent ink so that he can be "very noticeable in nightclubs."

Each 100 URLs take about an hour to tattoo, so the entire 100,000 will end up costing Vaillancourt between 10,000 and 12,000 hours of his life. The entire project will hopefully generate a total of around $3.5 million.

While "over half" the money will go to charity, the rest will go to paying old debts and helping him raise his son, he says. With almost 150,000 likes on his Facebook page, it looks like Vaillancourt is generating enough publicity to make his goal a reality.

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