These New 'The Wonderful 101' Trailers Will Make You Want The Game Even More


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The Wonderful 101 is already getting plenty of praise across the Atlantic where the game is already out in Europe. Those of us in North America will have to wait until September 15 to play it, and Nintendo is content to tease us with more trailers until then.

In two new trailers for The Wonderful 101, Nintendo details the multiplayer modes and the various unite morphs that players will be able to enjoy in the title. In multiplayer, 5 players can join forces to tackle various missions against groups of enemies and giant bosses.

As for the unite morphs, we get another look at the different forms the characters can turn into, including fists, swords, guns and bombs.

If you want to know more about The Wonderful 101, check out the Nintendo Direct dedicated to the title. In it, creator and game director Hideki Kamiya walked players through all the mechanics that they will encounter in the game. He also revealed a new extended trailer during the Nintendo Direct that shed a little more light on the story.

[Image: Nintendo/YouTube]