These Are The Jobs Of Bravely Default


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After high school or college, the first thing you're told is to "get a job." That's easier said than done for a lot of people these days. If only you could hit a button and suddenly find yourself proficient in the dark arts or the art of throwing a ninja star into a dragon's face. Well, it's not the real world but such a scenario is possible in Square Enix' upcoming Bravely Default.

Nintendo shared a new trailer today detailing the job system that players will find in Bravely Default. Like Final Fantasy: The Four Heroes of Light before it, Bravely Default will require players to master various job classes and become proficient in the skills they teach.

Every player will start out as a freelancer. From there, players will be able assign a variety of jobs to each of their four characters. The usual jobs, like Knight, White Mage and Thief, are here, but the game also features some unique jobs like Merchant - which allows the player to attack with money - and Spell Fencer - which allows the player to add elemental effects to weapons.

Bravely Default will launch on February 7 exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS.

Image via Nintendo/YouTube