The Walking Dead Coming To Ouya This Year


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The Walking Dead is just about on every platform imaginable now. It was just recently released on the PlayStation Vita, and Telltale Games plans to support pretty much every console with the release of season two later this year. Before that, however, it has one more console to port The Walking Dead Season One to.

Telltale Games announced today that the first season of its award winning The Walking Dead adventure game series is coming to Ouya this Winter. The miniature Android console is in need of some big name content, and the The Walking Dead will add some much needed star power to its lineup.

"The Walking Dead is exactly the type of immersive, story-driven content that Ouya is all about," said Julie Uhrman CEO and founder of Ouya. "Ouya is thrilled to bring the award winning Walking Dead Season One, including 400 Days, and followed by Season two, to our gamers."

Of course, many will wonder what the point of this is? People have already played The Walking Dead on other platforms. Will they seriously buy an Ouya just to play The Walking Dead again? Probably not, but this isn't about people who have already played the game. This is about the people who have yet to experience it, and can't afford any of the platforms that it's currently on. The $100 micro-console could be their ticket to experiencing one of best games of 2012.

As an added benefit, those who pick up an Ouya for The Walking Dead will then be exposed to all the indie content that's currently floating around in the Ouya marketplace. It's a great way to attract more gamers to the platform, drum up sales and convince other developers to support the Ouya.

[Image: Ouyas/YouTube]