The Walking Dead 400 Days Will Be Out This Week


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Ever since it was announced, Telltale Games has said that The Walking Dead 400 Days would be out in early July. They have stayed true to their word as the DLC will drop tomorrow.

IGN reports that The Walking Dead 400 Days will start launching on various platforms starting tomorrow with the PlayStation Network in North America. On Wednesday, July 3, the game will launch on the PC/Mac via Steam. It will launch worldwide on Xbox Live on July 5. A week later, the game will hit the European PSN on July 10 and finally launch on iOS on July 11.

For those just joining us, 400 Days is an entirely new DLC episode that will be playable from the first season of last year's The Walking Dead from Telltale Games. The episode will feature five separate protagonists and their experiences in the first 400 days after the initial zombie outbreak from the first season.

Telltale Games promises that 400 Days will utilize the choices made in the first five episodes to influence events in 400 Days, but it's not required that you play them to play the episode. Of course, it would seem kind of silly to play the DLC before the core game.

Interestingly enough, it seems that 400 Days may influence the events in season two of The Walking Dead game as well. The game's creators aren't talking about what those choices may be, but they are at least heavily hinting that these seemingly unrelated characters may have a large influence on the overall story.

The Walking Dead 400 Days will only cost $5 when it launches next week. If you're looking for a fix before the new season comes out, this will probably do it.