The TSA Has an Instagram Account for Stuff They Took from People at Checkpoints

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Whether or not you agree that the Transportation Security Administration routinely upholds its core values of integrity, innovation, and team spirit - let's face it, the organization is a big part of our lives. And while TSA tactics aren't always conducive what you and I would call "freedom" or exactly "constitutional," you have to admit that their screenings have probably, at some point, saved lives.

Even with the TSA's formidable presence, people still try to sneak illegal crap onto planes. Guns, knives, grenades, fireworks - they're all confiscated by the TSA on a weekly basis.

Now, all that prohibited stuff that they find is being immortalized on Instagram.

You can follow Instagram user TSAblogteam for all the latest updates on what the TSA is taking from people trying to board planes.

We're talking some serious stuff here:

This Instagram is just an extension of the TSA blog, where they've been posting images of illicit items for a while now. It's just now, they're all pretty and filtered. HipTSA.

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