The Top 50 Web Properties List Isn't Too Surprising


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The top 50 web properties list for August probably looks a lot like the top 50 web properties list from July, and June, and May, and, well, you get the picture. Simply put, it's an Internet world that belongs to Google, Yahoo (yes, they are still very viable), Microsoft, and Facebook. Sure, AOL is still a relevant web property owner, and despite being in an Internet industry that belongs primarily to Google -- search, of course -- the network is still going strong.

At least in regards to being a web property. I'm sure Jeeves is pleased.

The list, which is compiled monthly by comScore, features a top 50 of sites receiving the most visitors for the month in question. For this release, we're focusing on August, and again, Google reigns at the top with 183.4 million visitors. The difference between the first, second, and third web properties is about 6 million visitors with Yahoo' sites receiving 177.5 million and the Microsoft network with 177.2 million.

Facebook isn't far behind the "big 3," coming in with 162.4 million visits. Besides these four properties, there were only two other sites that cracked the 100 million visitors mark; those being AOL and Amazon.

As indicated earlier,, while not the first thing you think of in regards to search engines, is still going strong with over 88 million visitors during the month of August, which is more than properties like Apple, Adobe, eBay, the Weather Channel, and the New York Times. Who knew Jeeves would still be such a viable web property after all this time?

I'm not sure the leaders of Ask even did.

There are some new additions to the list this month, which comScore highlights with the following:

ESPN, Sites and Adobe Sites each jumped 5 positions, to rank consecutively at #24, #25 and #26. The Washington Post Company, CareerBuilder LLC and AT&T, Inc. newly appeared on the chart this month at #47, #49 and #50, respectively.

Here's a look at comScore's top 50 in its entirety:

comScore Top 50

Are there any surprises you can see? Will any of those top sites trailing Google ever be able to knock them off? Let us know what you think.