The Sopranos Intro Gets Amazing Digital Reenactment


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It's been seven years since The Sopranos abruptly cut to black and left viewers wondering if their cable had gone out or David Chase was playing some kind of cruel joke. Whether or not you've come to grips with the series' conclusion or not, pop culture will always keep finding a way to ensure the landmark HBO mafia series stays in our hearts and minds forever.

The Sopranos is once again trending on the internet thanks to a very clever video from the YouTube gaming channel 8-Bit Bastard. The video recreates a digitized version of the show's opening credits. However, instead of seeing Tony Soprano driving through the streets of North Jersey to his huge house on the hill, the opening credit sequence features footage from Grand Theft Auto 5. And while Los Santos is no New Jersey Turnpike, the reenactment is extremely precise.

"We decided to pay homage to one of the greatest TV shows of all time, The Sopranos. Recreating The Sopranos intro in GTAV was pretty time-consuming, but a lot of fun. It was also our first experience using green screen (you can't smoke in the car while it's moving)!"

Check it out.

This isn't the first digitized remake from 8-Bit Bastard. The gaming channel has done several film reenactments using the Grand Theft Auto 5 theme.

Here's a look at reenactments for the David Fincher genre bender Fight Club and the legendary crime film The Godfather.

If you're waiting to rewatch the entire six seasons of The Sopranos until the series comes out in HD, your wait will be over soon. The show will be released in a collectible Blu-ray boxed set on November 4, 2014 (just in time for the holidays.) Currently, only the first and sixth seasons are available in HD. Amazon Prime also has every episode of the series available for subscribers to stream live.

Image via The Sopranos, Facebook