The Philadelphia Eagles Partner With Rovio, Angry Birds


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Rovio is enjoying some incredible success, due, in large part, to their immensely popular Angry Birds mobile game. In the past, the company has partnered with outside entertainment entities before, like 20th Century Fox for the version of Angry Birds Rio. Rovio is looking to expand these partnerships, and so they turned to one of the most popular events/industries in the United States to further their reach, the NFL.

While Rovio has not partnered with the entire National Football League, they have, however, partnered with one its more popular teams, the aptly-named Philadelphia Eagles. To announce the pairing, the Eagles held something of press conference, one that was apparently powered by Rovio's animation department:

Included in this partnership will be the opportunity for players to fire the Philadelphia Eagle mascot at those pesky pigs. Unfortunately, however, the reveal of the Angry Birds Philadelphia Eagle is only being teased at the moment. Here's a screencap of the piece's outline:

Philadelphia Eagle Angry Bird

A quick look at the Eagles' logo and you can get a good idea of how the Angry Birds version is going to look, especially when you consider the shape of each eagle's face:

Philadelphia Eagles

In case you aren't aware, Eagles fans are some of the most outspoken in sports, which, in turn, means the pushback against them can be loud as well. An example of this is evident based on the Twitter reaction to the news:

What's next for Rovio in relation to sports partnerships? Perhaps something with the Atlanta Hawks? What about the Seattle Seahawks? Let's not forget about the St. Louis Cardinals, either. And then there's the Anaheim Mighty Ducks. Of course, getting approval from Disney to use that particular IP is a completely different story.