The Muppets Respond to Fox News Attack, Miss Piggy's Upset


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The Muppets, whimsical puppets who try to make both adults and kids laugh - or - a brainwashing piece of media that's looking to turn your kids into liberal, tree-hugging, pinko commies?

Fox News asked this question a couple of months ago, seriously (as serious as they could) debating the ramifications of The Muppets featuring an oil tycoon as the movie's villain. If you missed out on the segment, here's the video...

The video generated a fair amount of buzz, leaving many people bewildered by the extent Fox News went on to attack the movie. There were two people muppets who responded to the attack over the weekend at a UK press event. They had this to say...

Uh oh, Fox News, you've made Miss Piggy upset. If you're familiar with the Muppets, you know Miss Piggy's wrath runs long and deep.

Hopefully this story brought a bit a laughter to your Monday, I know the second video did for me. Also, in case you're wondering, this was my response to the initial Fox News segment.