The Lead Actors For GTA V's Main Characters Pose Together


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With the launch of the latest edition in the Grand Theft Auto series, the Internet is lighting up with giddy reaction for what looks to be Rockstar's magnum opus. The reviews for GTA V have been incredibly positive, which acts as confirmation for Rockstar that their development/marketing money was well spent. As you might imagine, the launch of GTA V was something of a social event, with stores around the country offering midnight sale events, all in an effort to satiate the burning desire players have for living a virtual life of crime without all that real-life law enforcement hassles.

As you might expect, social media has also been a primary source of reaction to GTA V, allowing those with relevant content to share a great opportunity to ride the current trend wave. Take the following tweet, for instance:

The fact that it links to a Facebook post with a picture of voice actors for the game's three primary characters makes it perfect launch day social media content. While it might have received some traction after the game's launch, or during the pre-release marketing push, the timing of the post couldn't be better for getting noticed. The fact that we and other publications are paying attention indicates as much.

With that in mind, the image in question, courtesy of Facebook:

GTA V Voice Actors

The actors are, from left to right, Steven Ogg, who plays Trevor; Shawn Fonteno, who plays Franklin; and Ned Luke, who does the voice for Michael. It should also be noted that the Twitter accounts of each actor include their GTA V character as their theme; although, someone needs to help Fonteno with his Twitter background. The default baby blue doesn't really work for the guy who brings a hardcore video game criminal to life, now does it?

As indicated, GTA V is in stores now for the PS3 and the Xbox 360.

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