'The Last of Us: Left Behind' DLC Revealed


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Last night's big PlayStation 4 launch event in New York was all about Sony's next generation of gaming. Announcements came from developers on big titles such as Destiny, Uncharted, and Metal Gear Solid V.

In the midst of all these big next-gen announcements, however, Sony did show that it isn't abandoning the PlayStation 3 just yet. The same Naughty Dog developers who teased the next Uncharted for PS4 also revealed a first look at upcoming DLC for The Last of Us.

Titled The Last of Us: Left Behind, the new content is a single-player campaign add-on for the game - the first ever created by Naughty Dog. The DLC wlll be released (as so many games are set to) sometime in "early 2014." It comes with The Last of Us season pass or will cost $15 when pre-orders for it begin on Tuesday, November 19.

Ellie, a main character in the main Last of Us campaign is back for the new content as the main character. Joining her is a girl named Riley as the two explore the post-apocalyptic world and learn more about each other. The content is set before the events of The Last of Us, when Ellie was attending a military school inside a Boston quarantine zone.