The iPhone Was Unveiled Exactly Five Years Ago Today

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I guess you could debate what date to call the birthday of the iPhone. Maybe you could call is June 29th, as that's the day it was released. Or maybe you could refer to an earlier date - when the idea was finalized conceptually, or when the first prototype was held in someone's hands.

But I like to think that the birthday of the iPhone is the day that Steve Jobs first unveiled the device to the world. If that's our metric, then it makes today the 5th birthday of the iPhone.

On January 9th, 2007, Jobs took the stage presented the iPhone. You can check out the original unveiling below:

Half a decade later, the iPhone remains insanely popular. The most recent edition, the 4S, broke sales records right out of the gate. A recent study asked future smartphone buys what particular phone they panned on purchasing in the upcoming months. A whopping 54% said the iPhone.

A recent comScore report shows that as far as smartphone platforms are concerned, Apple holds 25% of the market share, bested by Google's 26% and RIM's 33.5%. But the iPhone is still the most popular smartphone on the market. Moral of the story: Android is fractured into many different smartphones, while iOS is obviously only available on a handful of phones.

In 2007, Steve Jobs called it "revolutionary" and said that Apple will "reinvent the phone." Was he right? Let us know in the comments.

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