The First Episode of The Silent City, A Crowdfunded Post-Apocalyptic Web Series, Hits


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During the second week of January 2012, a trailer for a crowdfunded web post-apocalyptic series debuted. Shot on location in New York City, the video's creative team made use of abandoned industrial locations located around The Big Apple, a promising idea that's also seeing a little action in Detroit.

Regarding The Silent City, upon completion of the successful Kickstarter project, which raised $12,055, production on the web series began, and now, our patience has been rewarded with the launch of the Silent City's first episode, A Fractured World. The episode followers a lone survivor searching for food. Instead, he finds some now useless pieces of paper that held much more meaning before his world was destroyed. It's a good beginning:

I found that intriguing enough to definitely check out the second episode, whenever it hits. There's a YouTube page for The Silent City series, and subscribing will keep you posted about new episodes and behind-the-scenes content. You can also keep up with the series on their Facebook page, which will also feature the new episodes when they launch.

The Silent City will be presented in five total parts, meaning there are four more episodes to come. No word on when the additional episodes will be scheduled for release. With that in mind, hopefully, they won't make their audience wait an extended amount of time for the continuation of the series. Considering it's been about six months between first learning about the Kickstarter and the premiere of the first episode, it shouldn't take too much time to finish their project, provided they don't get sidetracked or bought by a company that wants to change how the future episodes are released, ie, monetize the content.

The question is, let's say someone from HBO is really high on The Silent City and wants to buy the rights to it, as well as control the distribution of the remaining content. Would the creative team behind the web-based series allow the purchase to go through?