The Cheapest 3D Printer Ever Takes To Kickstarter


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Are you in the market for a 3D printer, but find that the current asking price of a few hundred dollars is still too much? What about a 3D printer for less than $100? It may sound impossible, but one team took to Kickstarter to prove it's not.

Rinnovated Design, a team out of Saskatchewan, Canada, debuted Peachy Printer on Kickstarter over the weekend. The sub-$100 3D printer looks to revolutionize the 3D printing space by becoming not only the cheapest open-source 3D printer on the block, but also the cheapest photolithographic 3D printer ever made.

What's photolithography? It's a process where a laser is shot into a pool of liquid resin, and the laser hardens areas of the resin into hard objects. It's just lot like Formlabs' equally successful Form 1 3D printer, but at a fraction of the price.

Check out a prototype (complete with obnoxious dubstep) below:

As you can see in the video above, the Peachy Printer is one of the most innovative 3D printers around. Not only is the hardware completely unique, but the way it transmits 3D models through audio is completely novel. I wouldn't be surprised if more 3D printers adopted this approach to reduce the cost associated with expensive 3D printing software.

All the $100 tiers are sold out on Kickstarter, but those interested in a cheap DIY 3D printer have one more option available to them. The Peachy Printer is also available on Indiegogo where 497 $100 units are still available. It seems that most aren't aware of this simultaneous Indiegogo campaign so you better jump on it while you still can.

If you want more Peachy Printer goodness, check out the following video to find out how it works:

[Image: Kickstarter] [h/t: 3ders]