That Minecraft Documentary Is Now Free To Watch On YouTube


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Late last year, 2 Player Productions released a documentary called Minecraft: The Story of Mojang. The film explored the origins of Minecraft and the immense impact it has had on the gaming community and players all around the world. Since its release, you could purchase the film for as little as $8, but now it's free.

2 Player Productions released the entirety of Minecraft: The Story of Mojang on YouTube today. The one-hour-and-44-minute film is all here for your viewing pleasure on everybody's not-so-favorite-anymore video streaming portal.

Of course, the fun part of it being on YouTube means that you can watch the entire film below. So grab a snack, get comfortable and get ready to watch one of the best gaming documentaries ever made:

If you liked the film and want to support the super talented guys over at 2 Player Productions, you can purchase the 2-disc DVD Limited Edition of the documentary over at their Web site. You can also pick up the C418 composed soundtrack while you're at it.

[Image: 2PlayerProductions/YouTube]