'That 70s Show' Is Back on Netflix

Josh WolfordTechnology

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Hello Wisconsin - That 70s Show is back on Netflix.

If you're a frequent Netflix user, you may have caught some of the drama surrounding the show the past month or so. That 70s Show was set to cycle out of Netflix's library on October 1st, something that enraged quite a few fans of the show. As Chris Crum pointed out at the time, Netflix oftentimes allows deals with content providers to expire if the content isn't really that popular - but this wasn't really the case with That 70s Show. There were plenty of users that expressed genuine anger over news of the removal.

October 1st came, and That 70s Show was still available to stream on Netflix. That lasted for the entire month of August, when it finally did disappear from the available offerings.

Lucky for you, it's back.

Josh Wolford
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