Thanksgiving Snow: Will It Stop You From Traveling?


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Thanksgiving is a busy day for holiday travelers as everyone scrambles to get to their loved ones' homes and visit family and friends. The day after Thanksgiving can be just as bad, with everyone traveling to their favorite shopping malls and stores to get the best deals on Black Friday. This year, there may be some added stress to your holiday travels thanks to bad road conditions caused by snow.

The winter storm Boreas has made its way across the country, starting in California and trudging its way east, leaving a trail of snow, ice and rain behind it. While the storm has already passed through the Midwest, it is now making its way toward the Northeast, and could put a damper on your Thanksgiving day travels.

As the storm continues to move east, the snow seems to be turning to rain, but there can still be some cold spots where you will find snow and ice. If you are traveling this Thanksgiving or over the weekend, be sure to drive safely, watch for black ice, and be aware of the weather conditions where you are traveling.

If the thought of Thanksgiving snow gets you nervous about traveling, consider shopping online instead of traveling to the mall or stores. There are many great shopping deals available online on Thursday, Friday and over the weekend. Don't forget about Cyber Monday, that is if you have any money left after shopping all weekend.

Does the chance of snow make you less likely to travel on Thanksgiving or over the holiday weekend? What is the furthest you travel to be with your family and friends on Thanksgiving day?

Image from Wikimedia Commons.