TGS 2013: PlayStation App Launching On iOS, Android This November


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With SmartGlass, Microsoft has turned any mobile device into a second screen for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Sony has done the same in a limited fashion with the PS Vita, but will be expanding it to more mobile devices with the launch of the PS4.

During its Tokyo Game Show 2013 keynote, Sony announced that it will be releasing a PS4 remote play app on both iOS and Android in November. The app will allow any mobile device to serve as a second screen or even a controller in compatible PS4 titles.

Beyond serving as a second screen, the PlayStation App will also let users access many features of the PSN. That means players will be able to interact with friends, send multiplayer invites, see their trophies and access the PlayStation store all from within the app.

The PlayStation App will probably gain more features in the coming months to better match what SmartGlass can do. Currently, SmartGlass users can watch TV shows and get instant information on said show through their tablet or smartphone. Sony will undoubtedly add similar features and more to the wide range of multimedia apps hitting the PS4.

Here's a video of Sony's Shuhei Yoshida showing off the PlayStation App during last night's keynote. It should be noted that the translation is a little garbled so please bear with it:

[Image: GamesHQMedia/YouTube] [h/t: Polygon]