TGS 2013: Here's 12 Minutes Of Metal Gear Solid V Gameplay


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At E3 2013, we got out first look at Metal Gear Solid V gameplay. At TGS 2013, Kojima took to the stage to show off even more gameplay from his latest title.

In this latest gameplay demo courtesy of IGN, we get 12 minutes of pure gameplay from the PS4 version of Metal Gear Solid V. The running commentary and in-game voices are in Japanese, but the gameplay should be pretty easy to follow for Metal Gear veterans. Stealth is still the focus of this game with Snake having to sneak into a compound.

The gameplay trailer does show some new features, however, in the form of X-ray vision that lets Snake see enemy soldiers through walls and environmental obstacles. Snake can also pick locks and drive vehicles. Speaking of which, MGSV is the first game in the series to go open world so players will be able to employ all sorts of transportation when traveling throughout the world.

There's still no solid release date for Metal Gear Solid V, but the title will be released on both current and next-generation consoles.

[Image: GamesHQMedia/YouTube]