Tesla Outsells Porsche And Others In California


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The state of California has long been considered to be more accepting of green technologies, especially in the realm of automobiles. Jokes about the streets being filled with the hybrid Toyota Prius are well known and made often. It should come as no surprise then that the residents of the state have been buying up cars from Tesla motors in the past year at a high rate.

Tesla Motors, which produces electric cars exclusively and is located in Palo Alto, CA, did the near unthinkable this past year by outselling such powerhouse car makers as Porsche, Land Rover, Volvo, Lincoln, and Jaguar. The company, which has seen a 3000% increase in sales over the past year, has obviously claimed its spot among the big boys of the automotive industry.

While having an electric car when gas prices are through the roof is a good enough incentive to buy, it helps when the cars are quality made, as evidenced by Tesla's recent perfect score in crash test ratings

While Tesla has plenty to celebrate, the company is still looking up the sales rankings at other titans of the industry. Mercedes, BMW, and of course Toyota outsold Tesla in California. In fact, There were over 33,000 new Prius cars registered in the state, which is over 28,000 more than the number of new Tesla cars. However, if Tesla keeps growing at such an extreme rate they could be knocking on Toyota's door soon.

[Image via the Tesla Motors YouTube channel]