Terry Bradshaw Says Bieber Pulled Steelers' Focus in Service

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Last week Justin Bieber showed up at a Pittsburgh Steelers prayer service the night before their game against the New York Jets. Bieber was allowed to stay for the service, which is apparently pretty unusual. Players took pictures with the pop star.

Then the Steelers lost to the Jets the next day. Fans were not happy, and they quickly called the whole thing the result of a Bieber “jinx” on the team.

Maybe God does not like Justin Bieber any more than most adults?

Ben Roethlisberger denied it. And so has Terry Bradshaw, although Bradshaw had a little more to say on the whole affair.

“It's automatically assumed he's a jinx," Bradshaw told TMZ. "That's ridiculous."

But he does admit that it was a pretty unusual move for Bieber to be allowed in the prayer service at all.

"The only time I recall the Steelers teams I played on letting outsiders worship with us was at the Super Bowl ... and it was with our families because they traveled with us."

Bradshaw told TMZ that he thought having someone like Bieber in the room when the team should be focusing on prayer and team was the wrong move.

“Your focus isn't where it should be. If [Bieber] had been a part of the team from the beginning, fine ... but a one-timer, no."

As for Bradshaw himself, he’s focusing on something lately himself: selling his property. According to reports, Bradshaw is asking $10.8 million for his Circle 12 Ranch.

His realtor says they’re getting sniffs on the place, and that there’s plenty of room for whoever ends up grabbing it.

“We’ve already had a lot of activity on it. We’re getting people out of Dallas because of the proximity. It’s only an hour north of Dallas. We’re getting people out of Oklahoma City.

“He built this from the ground up. I mean, this was just a bunch of barb wire fencing. He just wanted it as a weekend getaway and then ended up moving up here.”

The place boasts a huge main house, as well as two additional residences on the property. “Plenty of homes out here for their in-laws and outlaws and everybody else,” the realtor said.

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