Terrence Howard Blasts Robert Downey Jr. for 'Iron Man' Fallout


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The Best Man Holiday film has been declared the most highly anticipated film of week. So it was no surprise to see some of the movie's most memorable stars like Terrence Howard out and about. However, Best Man Holiday wasn't the only film that stirred up media attention where Howard is concerned, and it all started earlier this week. On Thursday, Howard and Best Man co-star Nia Long stopped by What What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

The three took part in light-hearted banter, while discussing the new sequel film. But, things got sticky when Cohen announced they'd be taking questions from callers. Howard was questioned about his departure from the sequel of the blockbuster film, “Iron Man.” Howard, who portrayed the role of James Rhodes, didn't return for the following two installments of the film. The role gradually moved into a new direction as actor Don Cheadle replaced Howard as a robotic form. According to E! News, fans wanted to know the 'real reason' he was replaced by Cheadle.

Media speculation always classified Howard's departure from the film as a result of a salary dispute. But, Howard shared the details from a different perspective. “The person that I helped become Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), when it was time to re-up for the second one, took the money that was supposed to go to me and pushed me out.” Howard goes on to explain that when the production studio offered to compensate him less for the Iron Man sequel, he contacted the star action – who remained nameless – for help. “He didn’t call me back for three months,” admitted Howard.

While the details left both Cohen and Long in silence, Howard's allegations sent the media into a frenzy. But nevertheless, it's all water under the bridge. Although Howard did not return for the Iron Man sequel, he is, indeed, apart of the cast for the 'Best Man' sequel. The film hit theaters nationwide Friday, Nov. 15.

Image(s) Wikimedia Commons | Terrence Howard