Telltale Games' Fables Adaptation Gets Its First Trailer


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Telltale Games proved they know how to adapt a comic book into a video game last year with The Walking Dead. The series captured the look and feel of the comics while providing gameplay that more or less held up to the standards established by the adventure game genre. Now Telltale Games is trying to work their magic again with one of the most celebrated comic book series of recent memory.

It was announced back in March that Telltale Games would be adapting Vertigo's Fables into a video game series. Since the announcement, we haven't seen much of the game until today when Telltale released the first trailer for The Wolf Among Us.

What's most impressive about this trailer is that Telltale really nailed the style of the world as its presented in the comics. Fans of The Walking Dead appreciated the studio's attention to detail, and fans of Fables will no doubt appreciate it here as well.

There's no release date for The Wolf Among Us, but it will launch sometime this year for PS3, Xbox 360, PC and Mac.