Tekken Revolution to Get New Character Through Facebook Poll


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Namco Bandai today announced that it will be adding a new character to Tekken Revolution, the free-to-play title released for the PlayStation 3 last month. The catch is that the new character will be selected by the fighting game community through a Facebook poll.

Fans can vote for their choice from now until July 14 in a Facebook poll app. The ten character to vote for come from ideas discarded during development or character ideas that were deemed too silly for the game. Options include a female vampire, a zombie bride, a female version of the character Paul, a giant praying mantis, a teenage female sumo wrestler, and an "average, run-of-the-mill old man." The full list of possible characters and their descriptions can be found on the Tekken Revolution website.

After the end of voting, the top three characters will have concept art created for them. These will be revealed at the fighting panel at San Diego ComiCon on July 19. After a panel discussion with the development team, a final vote will be held. The most popular character will then be made into a Tekken Revolution character.

A release date for the new character has not been announced, as the difficulty of the concept chosen could heavily influence its development. However, developers have stated that if the new character is popular, it could appear in future Tekken titles.