iPhone 5 Rumor: Releasing On Sprint With Unlimited Data Plan?

Today’s iPhone 5 rumor bypasses the “if” it’s going to launch on Sprint question and…

Demand Media Search Data Released Ahead of Earnings Call

Demand Media has its earnings call tomorrow, and many people are no doubt eagerly awaiting…

Demand Media Looks for Senior Analyst to Measure Search

Demand Media has tweeted about a job position in the last day, that requires studying…

eBay’s iPad 2 Data Revealed

Although we don’t have the official numbers from Apple, it looks as though sales of…

Google, FairSearch Play Tug-Of-War With Analyst’s Comments

Neither Google nor the FairSearch coalition is close to backing down when it comes to the search giant’s proposed acquisition of ITA Software.  Today, Google attempted to highlight an analyst’s comments in support of the deal, and FairSearch fired right back by stressing the same analyst’s doubts.

Just How Concerned with Privacy Are Facebook Users?

PeopleBrowsr shared a rather interesting report with us this week, looking at privacy related tweets during the center of this year’s Facebook "privacy storm." The firm studied the public’s reaction to Facebook’s open graph-related announcements that set off the majority of the Facebook privacy controversy back in April.

eBay Reports Positive Q1 Financial Data

eBay has released its first-quarter earnings report, and there’s good news for the company’s fans: it beat most analysts’ estimates.  The bad news for fans (and especially shareholders) is that eBay’s stock has nonetheless fallen 8.14 percent in after-hours trading, possibly due to a weak forecast.


Analyst Bets Apple Search Engine Might Be On The Way

An investment firm that was founded in 1895 and earned almost $470 million in net revenue last year thinks it’s likely that Apple will build its own search engine.  Specifically, Piper Jaffray assigned this outcome a 70 percent chance of taking place sometime within the next five years.